iPhones in Disguise !


At the time of writing there is no phone on the market that comes close to rivalling the iPhone in terms of popularity. Sure some figures suggest that there are more Android devices out there than iOS, but those are a whole plethora of devices from a range of different manufacturers versus the one product from Apple. If it’s a question of which single device is the most popular, then iPhone still wins hands down.

It’s for this reason that there is so much support out there for iPhones and that there is such a wide range of accessories on offer to personalise your device and make it unique. In fact if you want to get creative there are even services that allow you to make your own custom cases to ensure that your device is truly one of a kind.

 All these options have of course resulted in some highly creative looks and perhaps the most imaginative of these are those iPhone cases that are designed to make your iPhone into something else entirely. Almost like a transformer, these cases whether custom made or mass produced can disguise your phone and fool any onlooker who isn’t aware that there’s more here than meets the eye… Here are some of the best examples.

Gameboy Cases

Gameboy cases are of course designed to make your iPhone look like a retro GBA. Of course the iPhone is (ironically) much smaller than the original clunking Gameboy, but nevertheless it’s still something that makes people double take at first. And when they double take they’ll almost certainly be powerless to stop the original Tetris theme tune start playing in their head… A great one for Nintendo fans.

Notebook Cases

If you think about it then the humble notepad and pen is really the original predecessor of the iPhone – a device that you would slip into your pocket and pull out to retrieve phone numbers or jot notes and that could even be used for communication and gaming. Why not pay tribute then to that analogue past and give yourself an air of an old writer at the same time.

Camera Cases

There are many iPhone case designs floating around the net that are designed to make iPhones look like old cameras. Seeing as iPhones double as cameras and are held sideways, you can actually fool people when you take photos with them too.

Cassette Cases

Here’s another great retro themed case for your iPhone that might also suggest you’re something of an audiophile. Who’d have thought a device thinner than a cassette would one day be enough on its own to play thousands of songs? For that added personal touch, why not write your favourite band or even your own name onto the label section?

Bourbon Cases

Everyone knows that bourbons are the best biscuits in the world, so if your hobbies and interests revolve more around gobbling snacks than playing Testris/listening to music, why not embrace that with an iPhone case in that style? Just try to resist the urge to then eat it…


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