The Almighty Board!


Don’t know about you guys but the team at iPersonalised cannot believe how many cool new inventions have come out in the twenty-first century. It seems like as society grows, so to does our willingness to experiment and create awesome inventions. From the 21st century mobile phones to Insect Assailants, the ambitions to create are really bursting and are showing that society is filled with more than mindless robots as referred to by some.

We recently came across an invention which we simply just had to share with you all. You cooking enthusiasts will just love it, it’s called the Almighty Board and honestly it’s probably the most awesome kitchen invention ever! We’ve all heard and seen the jokes and gags that have suggested that Apple’s new MacBook Air can not only double as a kitchen knife, but you could also use it as a cutting board…

Injecting some slight seriousness into this crazed idea, a designer by the name of Jaewan Jeong has recently come up with a cutting board that does just that… Basically it’s a digital cutting board that not only allows the user to cut up items like meat, vegetables and fruits on it, it also provides users with a variety of information. This information includes anything from providing recipes to even weighing the food for you. Best of all the Almighty Board is washable and even tells the user if it has been cleaned sufficiently in order to prevent cross-food contamination and food poising.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! If this looks a little bit out of your price range for Christmas, don’t worry there are still loads of awesome gift ideas.. And the best gift is the iPersonalised gift card. Why not take advantage of our $25 gift card special and get all your friends and families Christmas presents at once (Special ends 30th of November). See you at the checkout 😉 (

Its probably the best gift this Christmas! 🙂



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